Requesting a referral

Most referrals for specialist care require an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals first.

If you feel you might need a referral, please contact us for a consultation.  You should explain your symptoms or concerns and state that you would like a referral and the type of referral you feel you require. One of our healthcare professionals will review your request and contact you regarding the next steps. Where a referral is necessary, we will arrange this for you.

Booking a referral

If we have referred you to a specialist, we may ask you to book your appointment using the NHS e-Referral system. You will receive a letter from us within 2 weeks giving details of how to book your appointment and any passwords you may need.

Tracking a referral

You can use the NHS App to view and track most hospital referrals and appointments. If you are having any issues with viewing or managing your hospital appointments, please contact the NHS App service desk or view the NHS App help and support guidance.

Alternatively, you can track most referrals via the NHS e-Referral website (  You will need the following details to login:

  • Reference number – this will be on your referral letter
  • Password – this will be on your referral letter

Please note that not all referrals are processed via the e-Referral system so may not be trackable via this website.

For example, if your referral request was to the Queen Alexandra Hospital you can contact them directly at:

Queen Alexandra Hospital
Southwick Hill Road


Tel: 023 9228 6000

Alternatively, you can contact the ward or department that you have been referred to directly.

Unfortunately, hospitals can take some time to process GP referrals so please do be patient.

Managing your referral

You can manage your referral via the NHS App or the NHS e-Referral website (

Please note that not all referrals are processed via the e-Referral system so may not be visible.