Spring 2024 Covid Booster Vaccinations Update

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We will soon be offering Spring Covid booster vaccinations to eligible patients. Vaccination clinics will be in our, Jubilee, Highlands and Whiteley surgeries (not Fareham Community Hospital). We are pleased to make this change following patient feedback.

There is no need to contact us yet! We will contact you directly if you are:

  • aged 75 years and over
  • aged over 6 month and immunosuppressed*
  • are housebound or live in a residential care home for older adults.

* The government determines who is eligible to receive Covid vaccinations. Immunosuppression means you have a “severely weakened” immune system. If you have asthma, you are unlikely to be eligible for this Spring booster. More information is available at: Vaccinations – Covid and Flu.

We will arrange to visit patients who are housebound or in a residential care home for older adults from 15th April. Clinics in our surgeries will start from 22nd April and run on various dates until late June.

If we know you are eligible, we will send you a text, email or a letter depending on how you have told us we can contact you. If you think you are eligible and have not heard from us by 17th April 2024, you can contact us via our Covid vaccination enquiry form.